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Detonating infectious 80's synth bombs behind lyrics full of femme rage,

Orange County one-woman dervish Plasmic is your abused Barbie doll from childhood back for revenge. Pink from head to toe, she storms the stage, shooting terse keytar melodies whilst furiously smashing beats. Crooning, pleading and screaming songs of murdering rapists, swimming in dejection and punching against depression, she seals it all in a hazy, lo-fi blur that every so often gives glimpses of a gentler side underneath the mayhem

First performing at the age of 4 (covering Britney Spear’s “Lucky” at a Radio Disney Mall contest), little Plasmic taught herself to play piano, originally wanting to be in a band. But over time, falling in love with the freedom of being alone in controlling the music’s direction, she abandoned that idea. Embracing every piece of new musical technology she took inspiration from artists ranging from Devo, Peaches, Fever Ray and many more. 


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